11 Tips for Choosing Your Bedroom Wallpaper

By January 4, 2018 April 5th, 2018 Magazine
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The bedroom is a private room in a dwelling most used to rest and sleep. So that the atmosphere of the bedroom can be more comfortable and has a unique look and interesting, can be done by lining the wall area by using wallpaper no problem we have 11 Tips for Choosing Your Bedroom Wallpaper.

This bedroom wallpapers will provide a different atmosphere than before, while for the motifs, hues, sizes and also the color of the wallpaper already has a variety of options that you can use in accordance with the theme of the bedroom and your wishes such as animal themes, flowers, abstract, polcadot and others etc. Meanwhile, to choose bedroom wallpaper should also be done correctly and you can see some of the following tips.

1. Customize With Room Theme
Before you buy wallpaper for the bedroom, you should adjust the theme of the bedroom that you will have wallpaper applied. For example if the wallpaper will be used in the child’s bedroom area, then choose a motif or image that corresponds to their age such as animals, dolls, flowers or cartoons. As for adult or main bedroom wallpaper can use soft colored wallpaper with a little motif for the room can be more shady.

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2. Select a Qualified Wallpaper
The choice of wallpaper is also distinguished from the quality of paper type, therefore choose a wallpaper with good quality to make it look more perfect and also more durable, so it can be used in a fairly long period of time without having to change the wallpaper.

3. Measure the room First
Also make sure to measure the area of the bedroom before choosing the wallpaper so the size and needs can be precise. To be more precise in buying wallpaper size then you can use the services of professional so the result is more nat and beautiful.

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4. Choosing Your Wallpaper Color
As in wall paint, wallpaper also comes with a wide selection of colors, in order to get your wallpaper to look in harmony with the bedroom, then choose the color of the wallpaper with the dominant color in the room so it does not collide with other colors in the bedroom.

5. Dark Color Wallpapers For The Room Area
Next Tips for Choosing Wallpaper For Wide Bedroom is to apply wallpaper with dark color. For those of you who have a large bedroom and wall area is wide enough, then use the wallpaper with dark colors like brown, dark blue, dark green and others. These old colors will create a warm atmosphere and also a very comfortable sleep quality.

6. Light Wallpaper For Narrow Room
For wallpaper that will be applied on a narrow or limited bedroom, do not use a dark color, but use bright patterned color so it will create the impression of a large wall and trick the actual size of the room.

7. Pay attention to the Wallpaper Installing Area
Most homeowners commonly apply wallpaper to the entire surface of the bedroom wall. This can be done, but by simply applying wallpaper on one part of the wall and covering the other wall with wall paint will create a unique impression. For example, you can apply wallpaper on the back wall of the head of the bed and the rest of the other wall is painted with the paint that has similar color.

8. Avoid Buying Wallpaper Online
Internet will indeed facilitate you in choosing something like a wallpaper with a variety of interesting options that pamper your eyes. However, you also need to be vigilant, because the wallpaper displayed most of the time is not in accordance with reality. In order to avoid choosing a wrong wallpaper, it’s a good idea to avoid buying wallpaper online and to go directly to the wallpaper shop and get the item that suits your taste.

9. Customize With Furniture
In order to have the wallpaper to fit in harmoniously in the room, adjust the motifs and wallpaper colors that you choose not only with the theme of the room but also with furniture that already exist in your bedroom area.

10. Select Wallpaper Material
The next thing you need to consider in choosing bedroom wallpaper is the materials used. For bedroom wallpaper, it would be better if you choose wallpaper material from the paper because the activity in the room is small so that the risk of damaged wallpaper becomes less. With an affordable price, then you can also change the wallpaper whenever you want.

11. Wallpaper Size
You should also consider the size of the wallpaper, because the wallpaper being sold today commonly have 2 different sizes of small size with a width of 53 cm and a length of 1 meter . While the large wallpaper rolls measuring 106 cm wide with a length of 15 meters.

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