We Provide You The Best Design &
Quality Construction In Every Project
From Concept To Creation
Perfection In Every Detail
Making Space Livable
Innovative Stylish Idea
Inspire Your Space
Through Art And Design
Cast Your Impression
With A Design

Starting from a timber company in 1998, what used to be known as PT. SINUKAYU PRIMA slowly spreads it’s wings wider and wider and has now emerged into what we call Chaeum Group. Going back to 2009 when the company managed to established the furniture & interior construction Department, the newly established department had been growing rapidly that a furniture factory is built the year after.

Chaeum Design & Consulting


Specialized in designing spaces, large and small , from hotel rooms to office and residence. We combine the art of color, texture, and lighting in the design. Our professional consultant will assist you applying your idea into a better one.
Chaeum Home


Every construction is handled with care, whether it’s your home, or public space, we make sure every construction site done safely, following the safety guidelines and precisely so we can have your space delivered in time.

Chaeum Furniture


Our own furniture is manufactured with details, from high quality materials to detailed design crafted to fulfill human ergonomic, to the style trends amongs the world.  Speak your mind and we can customized your dream furniture!

Chaeum Home


Our import and distribution division, ImGlobal specializes in providing high quality and eco friendly interior covering, such as wall and floor covering. Although everything is made by nature, we managed to supply products that is not only durable but also beautiful

Chaeum Design is professional home interior designers offer full consultancy and step-by step advice clients who need innovative designs for their condominiums. Through their genuine effort and sincere care, our designers aid their clients until they finally identified how they want their dream condo home to look like, or how functional they want their spaces to be. On the other hand, our designers work collaboratively with clients who already have a design concept in mind.